Five Home Loan Tips

Are you a complete beginner and want to make sure you get a good deal? The tips below are the best way to cover the price of your home if the right amount is not available.

Newly built homes cost a lot

Newly built homes cost a lot

From the beginning of this year, we saw a 5-15 percent price increase when looking for a newly built apartment. Thanks to the CSOK, interest has increased and this has raised prices in many parts of the country, mainly in the capital, but also in the frequented places of Lake Balaton, Siófok, Zamárdi and Balatonalmádi. So we are better off financially looking for older properties, even if we are planning a renovation .

The professional tip: find a home for at least four months

At least four months, according to a real estate expert surveyed, at a bargain price, with the right conditions for us, to find our dream home in the ads.

With all this in mind, we need to spend several months searching intensively, several hours a day, and immediately “gasing” and immediately finding the right apartment when we find it.

Accordingly, we need to arrange the loan well in advance, which requires us to know in advance how much the loan will be and at what price. Careful planning and preparation is needed so that we can pay for the chosen apartment at the right moment.

Subsidized loan above all else


If you are choosing between loans, let’s see if we can get a subsidized loan. The most favorable of the state subsidies is now the CSOK, and here we can check whether we are among the beneficiaries.

Let’s look at home loans from all sides


Compare the offers on the market if you choose. They differ in many ways, so the premium over the reference rates and the risk rating also differ from bank to bank and from package to package. Initial legal aid does not necessarily mean good business for us. If you need to open a current account to take out a loan, calculate how much it will cost us to maintain the account in the long run.

Take for example variable interest rates. Although foreign currency loans, which act as a time bomb, have disappeared from the market, three-month floating-rate forint loans have appeared. Interest rates are likely to rise in the next 20 to 30 years, so if you can, stick to a fixed rate.